About Me

we're breaking promises we thought we could keep
we trigger avalanches unknowingly
we're not so different from convicts on the run
freedom could kill us, but we'd rather go on
this is a journey and we wanna go far 
they say we're selfish but this plane is on fire
we're breaking promises we wanted to keep
we trigger hurricanes unwillingly



My name is Tadeu, I was born in 1992 in Germany and I've been living most of my life in Barcelona. I got into Photography when I was fifteen. Never stopped after that.

I've done a bit of everything to pay the bills but what I really love is getting lost in unknown places and shoot everything that comes across my lens.


My work focuses on showing the life I'm living through my own eyes. I wanna capture a moment in time, whether it's portraiture, lifestyle imagery, breathtaking landscapes or just the perfect light. No more pretensions beyond that.

I'm still young, learning and willing to keep improving and developing my own style. We'll see where that takes me to.

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